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iTunes – Backup Speicherort ändern

Backups lokalisieren: zB C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup Das Backup Verzeichnis in den neuen gewünschten Ort verschieben: zB: D:\iTunes iTunes den neuen Speicherort vortäuschen Kommandozeile als Administrator öffnen […] Read more»

K40 CO2 Laser – Schnittdaten

Die folgende Tabelle enthält die eingestellten Schnittdaten und beruht auf  Erfahrungswerten. Diese Daten werden laufend geupdatet.

K40 CO2 Laser – Inbetriebnahme

Ein neues Prachtstück steht nun in der Werkstatt – ein CO2 Laser, Modell K40. Erste Eindrücke Bevor der K40 hier her gefunden hat, gab es […] Read more»

Installing WebSVN

Prerequisites Subversion set up and repository available   Install WebSVN Connect to server and navigate to the directory where the webpages are located. Usually named […] Read more»

Kanboard on Synology Diskstation with Docker

Setup Kanboard in Docker Install Docker from Packagecenter Select “Registry” menu and search for “kanboard” Search for “kanboard/kanboard” right-mouse-button Download this image Choose a tag, […] Read more»

Synology – Reset Google Authenticator

Login via SSH Search for google_authenticator [crayon-6076f2e9acbe8787703598/] Delete the found entry usually located in /usr/ [crayon-6076f2e9acbea211542090/] Login via Web-Interface Setup a new Two-Factor-Authenticator

Cmder – contect menu integration

open terminal with admin rights navigate to the installation directory of Cmder execute the following line to register a Windows Shell Menu shortcut [crayon-6076f2e9ace6f431401019/] if […] Read more»

WordPress – Crayon Plugin bugfix

After install Crayon Syntax Highlighter version 2.8.4 there seems to be a bug when creating a new post. [crayon-6076f2e9ad1e0734277946/] This issue was also reported and […] Read more»

GIT – Overview

GIT basic commands list: git status shows all modifications in the workspace, differences of the local repository, etc. git add <data> or . (for all) […] Read more»

GIT – Setup on Synology Diskstation

Install “Git Server” via Package Manager Create a common folder”git” Login via SSH and navigate to the git folder and create a new git repository: […] Read more»