Category: Synology

Installing WebSVN

Prerequisites Subversion set up and repository available   Install WebSVN Connect to server and navigate to the directory where the webpages are located. Usually named […] Read more»

Kanboard on Synology Diskstation with Docker

Setup Kanboard in Docker Install Docker from Packagecenter Select “Registry” menu and search for “kanboard” Search for “kanboard/kanboard” right-mouse-button Download this image Choose a tag, […] Read more»

Synology – Reset Google Authenticator

Login via SSH Search for google_authenticator [crayon-65e1ddd18763b210534467/] Delete the found entry usually located in /usr/ [crayon-65e1ddd187642383648073/] Login via Web-Interface Setup a new Two-Factor-Authenticator

GIT – Setup on Synology Diskstation

Install “Git Server” via Package Manager Create a common folder”git” Login via SSH and navigate to the git folder and create a new git repository: […] Read more»

Install/Configure the Mosquitto MQTT Broker on Synology NAS

Install Install Community Packages Source: Search in Community and install Mosquitto Configure Connect via SSH Locate mosquitto.conf: sudo find / -iname mosquitto.conf Edit config […] Read more»