Installing WebSVN


  • Subversion set up and repository available


Install WebSVN

  • Connect to server and navigate to the directory where the webpages are located. Usually named www
  • Download WebSVN via SSH from Github: git clone git://
  • Test in a browser: <server_ip>/websvn → it will show that there is no configuration done yet
  • Copy the example config and rename it: cp include/distconfig.php include/config.php
  • Modify the recently created file. Search for the following section where repositories are added and modify the lines by your need

    • Actually, I did not find a solution to avoid plain text passwords. I will update this post as soon as there is a solution.
  • To ensuere the connection is only possible from local network, create a .htacces file
    Enter the local network. If there is any VPN connection or similar with another IP (a.b.c.d), simply add them in the next line
  • Test again in a browser:

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