Kanboard on Synology Diskstation with Docker

Setup Kanboard in Docker

  1. Install Docker from Packagecenter
  2. Select “Registry” menu and search for “kanboard”
  3. Search for “kanboard/kanboard”
    1. right-mouse-button
    2. Download this image
    3. Choose a tag, e.g. “latest”
  4. Select “Image” menu
    1. Wait for download to be finished (53MB)
    2. Select image and Launch
      1. Choose a container name
      2. Select “advanced settings”
        • Advanced Settings:
          • Tick “Enable auto-restart”
        • Port Settings
          • Choose a defined port instead of “Auto”
            • 8088 –> 443
            • 8080 –> 80
      3. Next
      4. Check your settings and apply
  5. Go to <server-ip>:8088
  6. Log in with default user/password: admin/admin


Create a new admin user and delete the other one

  1. Select in the top-right drop-down menu : User management
  2. Create a new user with security role as administrator
  3. Logout and log in with new user
  4. Navigate again to the user management
  5. Open the drop-down menu in the listed admin user –> Remove

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