Daily Archives: 30. April 2019

openHAB – Install on Synology DiskStation

Prerequisites Java8 package is installed Shared Folder named SmartHome with structure: SmartHome/openHAB /conf /addons /userdata Install Download latest spk here Login to the Synology DiskStation […] Read more»

Arduino IDE – Insall Libraries

There are 2 possibilities to handle with libraries: Do it manually Download library, e.g. this one Extract it to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arduino\libraries Use the Library Manager Tools>ManageLibraries… […] Read more»

ESP32 – Get in touch!

Open up Arduino IDE. The following code just connects to a WiFi network and return the status via serial. Check out the Serial Monitor after […] Read more»

Arduino IDE – Install ESP32 Support manually

Arduino IDE (1.8.9 in my case) needs to be installed first and started at least once Download an install Download the sources of the ESP32 […] Read more»