Arduino IDE – Install ESP32 Support manually

Arduino IDE (1.8.9 in my case) needs to be installed first and started at least once

  • Download an install
    1. Download the sources of the ESP32 WiFi Chip here here
    2. Go to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arduino and create the following folder structure there:
      • hardware/espressif/esp32
    3. Extract the previously downloaded .zip to the esp32 folder
    4. Navigate to the tools folder in esp32 and execute get.exe
    5. Wait until download is finished
  • Check installation
    1. Start Arduino IDE
    2. Go to Tools>Boards and choose the correct board (ESP32 Dev Module in my case)
    3. Connect the board (driver) and try to get borad info: Tool>GetBoardInfo
    4. Try to upload some sample code
    5. Check out the console if compile and upload works, something like this should appear at the end
      • Leaving…
        Hard resetting via RTS pin…

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