Install Node-RED on Synology DiskStation

  • Install
    1. Install Node.js v8 via Package Center
    2. Connect via SSH and run: sudo npm install -g –unsafe-perm node-red
    3. Locate node-red: sudo find / -iname node-red
    4. Start Node-RED: node /volume1/@appstore/Node.js_v8/usr/local/bin/node-red
    5. Test in browser: <ip-address>:1880
    6. CTRL+C to abort
  • Autostart Configuration
    1. Install forver: sudo npm install -g forever
    2. Locate forever: sudo find / -iname forever
    3. Create a Startup Script in any directory e.g.: /volume1/system-scripts/node-red/
      • #!/bin/sh
        /volume1/@appstore/Node.js_v8/usr/local/bin/forever start /volume1/@appstore/Node.js_v8/usr/local/bin/node-red
    4. TODO: run startup script at reboot

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