GIT – Overview

GIT basic commands list:

  • git status
    • shows all modifications in the workspace, differences of the local repository, etc.
  • git add <data> or . (for all)
    • stages workspace data
  • git commit
    • commits data to the local repository
    • command + comment: git commit -m”<comment>”
  • git checkout <data>
    • unstages data to workspace
  • git checkout HEAD
    • reverts workspace changes from local repository
  • git diff
    • shows differences between workspace and index
  • git diff HEAD
    • shows differences of workspace and local repository
  • git log
    • shows the commit logs

GIT advanced commands list:

  • branches
    • git branch -a
      • list all branches
      • -v option for more detailed infos
    • git branch <branchname>
      • create a new branch
    • git checkout <branchname>
      • switches branch
    • git merge <branchname>
      • merges slected branch to actual branch
    • git branch -d <branchname>
      • deletes branch
  • stashing
    • git stash
      • save workspace changes to stash AND go back to the latest commit
    • git stash save ‘<comment>’
      • save workspace changes to stash with specific comment AND go back to the latest commit
    • git stash list
      • list complete stash: stash@{#} where # is stash number
    • git stash apply
      • restore the last saved stash to the workspace
    • git stash apply stash@{#}
      • restore the selected stash number to the workspace
    • git stash drop
      • drops the last saved stash
    • git stash clear
      • clear all stashes
    • Example of using stashing when working on the wrong branch:
      • git stash
      • git checkout <correct branch>
      • git stash apply

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